About SMF Partners


SMF Partners was formed by bringing together over 50 years business experience mainly related to designing and more importantly executing sales and marketing strategies in the technology space. 

This is delivered by training and on-going mentoring of individuals and teams.

This experience included building one of the largest partner networks in the UK (150 partners) and also the building and management of channels in Europe, China, Japan and the US. 

Clients receive senior level direction, support and growth without expensive recruitment fees, and without the costs of lost opportunities and risks of a bad senior hire.

For start-ups, early stage and growth stage technology companies we carry out an audit of the technology value proposition(s) and use case(s), together with sales and marketing processes. We can provide an interim CEO and Senior Business Development service where we quickly build a strategic direction, with the tactics and supporting materials to execute on that direction. Materials would include forecasting templates, a sales bible, channel partner packs and standardised demo sets.

We mentor senior management and sales people and provide an on-going service to support the growth of the business through regular meetings and normal communications channels. 

In addition it is our experience that many technology companies look to their web site as their “shop window”. Whilst vital web messaging is often a lead generator, the first meaningful point of contact is the software demonstration. Our experience tells us that properly designed professional software demonstrations are the exception, rather than the rule. We provide an expert review of this essential corporate tool, so that technology companies deliver the best messaging on how their offerings provide benefits, so that their prospects understand the value

A key differentiator is that SMF have a network of funding sources and we are highly experienced in raising funding from seed through to growth and IPO.